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European Outfitting Team
The European Outfitting Team.


The goal of European Outfitting, operated by PH & Outfitter Bernhard J. Soellner and his team, is to provide its clients with the best hunting and trophy quality for the individual game animal they seek, while delivering the finest service in the region where hunting takes place.


We strongly believe that professionalism and hard work is the foundation for success.  Hunting with European Outfitting stands for perfect service, outstanding trophy quality and high-flying birds.

Expert Hunting Knowledge


Tailor-Made Hunts


Excellent Service


Exclusive Hunting Areas


Bernhard J. Soellner
Bernhard J. Söllner CEO & Professional Hunter/Wildlife Manager/Forester

Being a hunter and outdoorsman from his earliest days on, Bernhard, at the age of 40 years, is already looking back at over 20 years of experience working professionally in the hunting industry.

Bernhard is the founder and member of European Outfitting which is operating as a marketing platform for the companies International Hunting & Sporting Inc. as well as Hunting and Sporting LLC. These two companies are both owned and and operated under the professional guidance of Bernhard himself and operate respectively in order to carter for their clients respective and specific needs.

As a licensed professional hunter and forestry manager he operated at the biggest and world most renowned private hunting grounds in Europe. There he had opportunity to learn game keeping and wildlife management skills first hand. Before founding his own company Bernhard worked for renowned hunting businesses in Austria and Africa where he gained expert knowledge of the industry and profited from his hands-on mentality.


He spent his mandatory military service at the Austrian special forces unit and has various certificates as internationally trained Wilderness Survival Instructor.

Bernhard also operates as Outfitter and fully licensed Dangerous Game PH in Tanzania under the brand name Tembo Trail Safaris.  


“The whole hunt went

without a hitch, 

you totally hit it just right for us!”


- Alexander R. -

“Thanks to the European Outiftting Team, I definitely will remember this fantastic trip for long.”


- Dimitri S. -

“Maybe the most professional company I have hunted with so far, and I have been around!”


- Norman D. -

“Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak.”

 Ted Nugent

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