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Hunting Central Europe
Hunting Czech Republic



Few cities in the world glide so effortlessly between the present and the past like Vienna. Its splendid historical face is easily recognized: grand imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares and, above all, the Hofburg – where the Habsburg rulers lived, loved and married into empires. 

For our mountain hunts in the western Austrian Alps, Vienna is usually the starting location for every hunt.


Hunting Austria
Czech Republic
Hunting Czech Republic

“Prague never lets you go”, said Franz Kafka, “this dear little mother has claws”. But those who tear themselves away from the capital like the hunter’s won’t be sorry. The honey-coloured spa towns in the Sudeten Mountains, Bohemia’s Renaissance breweries and hilltop ruins, and the tumbling vineyards and underground bars of Moravia are well worth exploring.


The landscape of the Czech countryside with old forests and lovely cultivated agriculture and man-made fish ponds are unique in the “old world".


Hunting Hungary

Hungary, situated in the Carpathian Basin and bordered by Austria is a popular tourist desination in Central Europe. With its capital Budapest the country is full of rich cultural heritage.

Its characteristic steaming hot, outdoor spas and impressive landscape divided by the Danube with several national parks and well managed hunting areas makes Hungary a perfect destination for hunters and their non-hunting companions.


Croatia & Serbia
Hunting Croatia and Serbia

Croatia doesn’t feel like a place that has been thoroughly worked over by the tourist industry. Though development continues apace along the more commercialized stretches of the coast, Croatian tourism has spun off in a number of positive directions.

From dramatic mountainous landscapes and dreamy deep-blue seascapes to thick wild forests and wide open fields Croatia & Serbia offer a variety of different vegetations to explore for the traveling hunter.

Hunting Romania

Authentic, Natural and Cultural are the words that best capture the essence of Romania, a dynamic country rich in history, arts and scenic beauty.

Romania’s national and natural parks, displaying a unique variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, protect some of the largest remaining areas of pristine forest in Europe.


"In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen."

Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

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